The 1.2 million m3 three-phase separator designed and manufactured by HC was successfully sent to Tianjin on August 15th. The basic specifications of the equipment are as follows:

●Natural gas volume: 100×104Nm3/d

●Max. liquid (condensed oil) capacity: 1000m3/d

●Design pressure: 16MPa

●Max. pressure of natural gas inlet pipeline: 13.5MPa

●Set pressure of high-pressure safety valve: 14MPa

The separator is equipped with advanced high-pressure glass plate level gauge, integrated temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, flowmeter, high-pressure orifice valve, balance valve and other instruments. The whole set of equipment has the advantages of high separation efficiency, stable performance, safety and reliability.

Our engineers have carried out the overall design of the equipment according to user's field conditions and industry specifications. In order to facilitate the operation, we use the automatic control system with perfect data processing, flow calculation, report generation and other functions.

HC is committed to providing solutions for oil and gas development and production facilities. We provide independent equipment as well as complete solutions. Please feel free to contact us for technical assistance and quotations on oil and gas production systems and equipment. 

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