After a month of production, a 300kw water bath heater ordered by domestic customer has been fully completed and is ready for loading and delivery. The pressure of the WBH coil is 35mpa, with automatic ignition and automatic control system. According to the customer's requirements, the WBH is equipped with a simple operation room and domestic well-known brand burner.

The design of WBH combines the domestic and foreign advanced technology to improve the equipment operation quality. The heater body adopts heat exchange technology to reduce oxygen corrosion and the heater volume. It is equipped with advanced control system which can monitor the operation status of the system in real time and automatically control the output load of the combustion system. The heater is designed with insulation material and with silver-gray protective layer. 

The overall design of WBH adopts skid-mounted structure, which greatly reduces the on-site workload. Besides, personal safety is fully considered in the design. In addition to the simple operation room, there is also a ladder guardrail, which can prevent wind and sand and ensure personnel safety.

HC has been committed to providing high-quality and efficient processing equipment for the oil and gas industry for years. Recently, our three-phase / two-phase separator, water bath heater, heat exchanger, buffer tank and other equipment have been widely used at home and abroad. In the future, HC will continue to develop new technologies to meet the different needs of the market.

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