Recently, HC has received inquiries from Middle East customer about shell-and-tube heat exchangers. After repeated communication and confirmation, our technical team is now making proposal and product design according to relevant technical parameters.

Shell-and-tube heat exchanger is used for on-line heating and cooling applications of corrosive and ultra-pure fluids. The device is designed primarily for efficient heat transfer. HC shell-and-tube heat exchanger is commonly used in refinery and chemical process applications, and while it is similar to other heat exchangers in overall function, the shell-and-tube type adopts an innovative design to facilitate the movement of fluid and provide more functions through two tubes and one shell. 

Our shell-and-tube heat exchanger has the characteristics of compact structure, high heat transfer coefficient, able to withstand high temperature and high pressure, easy maintenance and cleaning, etc. During the application of heat exchanger in petrochemical industry, its safety and stability must be guaranteed, otherwise it will leak and cause unpredictable harm. Therefore, in the whole design process, we conducted in strict accordance with industry specifications and studied the project information provided by customer in detail to ensure the manufacturability of the equipment.

HC has been committed to the research of oil and gas treatment process for years. We are proficient in the application method and maintenance strategy of heat exchanger to ensure its quality and working efficiency, which can fully save energy and improve production efficiency.

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