The three-phase separator manufactured by HC for the project in South Africa has been fully completed and is ready to be loaded and shipped. The separator is integrated with a skid and is equipped with all necessary valves, instruments and control systems. 

HC three-phase separator complies with ASME standards and has passed relevant certifications. Our equipment is specially designed for surface well testing and backflow operations to effectively separate well fluids into three-phase or four-phase. Moreover, HC is able to provide separator skids that meet DNV standards and are specially constructed and can be mounted on trailers.

South Africa is rich in mineral resources, especially oil and gas. Natural gas accounts for 8% of global exports and oil for 10%. With the continuous development of the oil and gas industry in South Africa, our business there is also expanding. In addition to the three-phase separator, we also supplied buffer tank, water bath heater, heat exchanger and other equipment to South African customers.

HC is a leading engineering and manufacturing company specializing in oil-gas separators. We have strong manufacturing facilities in China. Please feel free to contact us for quotation and technical support. 

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