Following the successful delivery of the 300 kW water bath heater (WBH), HC received another order for two WBH. After the order was placed, the workers are stepping up production.

The two WBH are used for metering and regulating stations and need to be arranged in the open air. In order to avoid long-term exposure of the burner, we have added a rainproof shed in the design. Our WBH is equipped with high-quality burners and advanced technology control system. The whole equipment has a compact structure, high heat exchange efficiency and strong adaptability. In addition, the fire tube is used to heat the water to avoid scaling, corrosion and coking caused by direct heating.

As one of the important equipment in oilfield exploration and development, WBH is widely used in oilfields in eastern China. With the increasing area and difficulty of oil and gas field exploration and development, the number of oilfield WBH required is also increasing. In order to continuously improve the service efficiency of WBH and reduce the operating cost for users, HC introduces foreign burners and constantly optimizes the core technology of burners.

Up to now, our WBH has been put into use in many domestic oilfields, and exported to Africa, the Middle East and other regions. As a professional manufacturer of oil and gas equipment, HC will continue to integrate the world's leading technical concepts to provide customers with advanced, safe and reliable high-quality products. 

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