After more than a month, HC has successfully completed the production of two skid-mounted WBH for the Xinjiang oilfield project, and has been shipped to Xinjiang on September 22.

The two skid-mounted WBH adopt imported full-automatic burners, which are safe, reliable and easy to operate. It has control and safety protection functions such as program start-up, automatic ignition, flame remote monitoring, flame-out protection, automatic air/gas ratio adjustment, full-automatic load coordinated adjustment, test port, gas distribution system, flame detection, etc.

The equipment is mainly used in well site, and its basic parameters are as follows: 

Heat load: 120kW

Thermal efficiency: ≥87%

Maximum natural gas flow: 10×104Nm3/d

Xinjiang is a typical desert landform with sparse vegetation. The climate is dry, hot in summer and cold in winter. Therefore, in order to facilitate the operation and avoid damage to the burner, we added the operation room in the design. The type selection and layout of lighting, exhaust fans, combustible gas detection and signal lines in the operation room are all designed and manufactured according to protection standards.

After the skid-mounted WBH arrives at the site, HC will provide on-site technical guidance, and be responsible for the commissioning and operation as well as the training for operators. It has always been our pursuit to make customers worry free after-sales. We will continue to integrate the world's cutting-edge technology to provide users with advanced, stable and high-quality complete sets of engineering facilities.

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