Recently, HC received an order for a batch of three-phase test separators from the Middle East project. After multiple communication and confirmation with customers, our engineering and technical department began to conduct a comprehensive design. 

The customer requires that these three-phase test separators be designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME standards, and be equipped with all necessary valves and instruments. In order to facilitate users' operation, we have configured an advanced automatic control system on the three-phase test separator, so that the equipment can realize real-time collection, calculation and analysis of field data, and can also generate liquid, gas, water (oil) metering curves and various production reports. The overall equipment adopts skid-mounted structural design, which is easy to move and flexible to use. The user can place the whole set of equipment on the trailer as needed.

HC has a sophisticated calculation and production process on the three-phase test separator. Besides, our separator is suitable for oil and gas wells under different working conditions and different medium flow in various complex environments such as land, offshore and desert. In order to meet the customer's delivery date, our engineers have made continuous efforts to deliver drawings and design proposals to customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment, HC has built friendly cooperative relations with many domestic and foreign oilfield companies. The pursuit of excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service system have won us a good reputation. In addition, we have a well-developed technical team that can provide users with customized technical services.

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