Recently, HC signed an order agreement for a 50*10⁴ m³ three-phase test separator with customers in Daqing, China. Now the order has been placed and the factory is trying to step up the production. 

The three-phase test separator is mainly used at the natural gas wellhead for preliminary separation of oil/gas/water to test, measure and monitor downhole conditions. Basic technical requirements of the equipment are as follows:

Design pressure: 9.8 MPa

Vessel size: 800 (ID) * 3650 (L)

Processing capacity: 50*10⁴ m³ natural gas / day, 100 m3 liquid / day

Working environment: natural gas, oil and water

We have provided customers with instruments and meters such as vortex flowmeter, orifice valve and control valve from well-known domestic manufacturers, as well as foreign advanced technology full-automatic control system, which are installed on the special skid for oil field. In addition, the separator is equipped with a complete manifold system, including bypass pipelines and oil/gas/water interconnection manifolds, which are easy for users to install and operate. 

At present, all production procedures are performed in accordance with the specifications, and our production supervisor carries out all-day quality inspection and supervision to ensure the efficient, safe and stable performance of the equipment.

HC is committed to becoming an industry leader in oilfield equipment. The products include separator, heat exchanger and surface test equipment, water treatment and other environmental protection equipment. Based on the national market, HC closely combines the different characteristics of the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry for deeply understanding customers’ applications, relying on strong R&D strength and integrating the world's cutting-edge technical concepts, so as to quickly respond to customers’ changing demand and provide customers with advanced, reliable, safe and high-quality complete set of engineering facilities and product solutions, as well as related software and hardware products, platforms and services. 

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