The orders signed by domestic customer for two three-phase separators of 1 million cubic meters and one water bath heater have been issued, and the factory is stepping up the production. 

To speed up the production, our workers also stick to their posts during the National Day Holiday and complete the tasks with full enthusiasm. They cooperate with each other based on the division of labour so as to make processing and manufacturing in order. At present, the project progress is advancing according to the plan. Two three-phase separators and one water bath heater have been basically completed, which can be guaranteed to be delivered on October 15th. On the one hand, ensuring tasks and urging production are the normal state of HC. On the other hand, it is our consistent pursuit to provide industry users with advanced, stable, short-term and high-quality complete sets of engineering facilities.

Three-phase separator and water bath heater are indispensable equipment in the production and gathering process of oil and gas fields. As a professional manufacturer of oil and gas equipment, HC has formulated a comprehensive quality control system in order to ensure the technical performance of the equipment during the production process, and all processes are carried out in accordance with the standards. Meanwhile, we also guarantee that the technical parameters, basic configuration and quality standards of the equipment meet the requirements of customers. 

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