As a professional manufacturer of oil and gas equipment, HC not only provide single equipment such as three-phase separator, water bath heater, heat exchanger, desander and buffer tank, but also provide choke manifold and high-pressure pipeline, etc.

Recently, a batch of choke manifolds and high-pressure pipelines ordered by domestic customers have been fully produced and ready to be loaded and shipped.

Choke manifold is used for fluid control from the wellhead to the separator or blowout ignition pipeline in surface metering. The set of equipment is used to effectively control the fluid in the well, so as to achieve the effect of safe metering and safe blowout and to make the oil and gas wells produce under stable flow, as well as to obtain the pressure, temperature and other data of oil well fluid flow according to the data acquisition of upstream and downstream data heads. The choke manifold is designed as a standard five-valve group and double-nozzle system with fixed and adjustable nozzle, plus 5 gate valve control manifold with bypass. To meet the needs of well testing, the nozzle manifold, which is dedicated to the testing of oil and gas wells, is used to control the fluid flow in the well to achieve the replacement of the nozzle without shut in; With two-way metal-to-metal seal on upstream and downstream of gate valve; Equipped with special lining fixed nozzle with strong wear and corrosion resistance; The fixed choke valve and adjustable flow valve are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with API 6A, API 6D and national standards, with simple and reasonable structure and reliable operation.

The high-pressure pipeline is the connecting pipeline between wellhead and surface equipment, which is forged under high pressure.

Relying on scientific management, advanced technology and sophisticated equipment, HC provides customers with high-quality products, first-class technology and satisfactory service. We not only provide standard products, but also customize the design according to specific needs of users. HC sincerely welcomes new and old customers for consultation and cooperation.

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