Two oilfield well test three-phase separators have been packaged and will be sent to Daqing Oilfield. 

This order takes one and a half months from customer confirmation, material procurement to workshop production. Despite the heavy production task of the factory, our workers carry out every step of work in an orderly manner with full of enthusiasm from beginning to end, and make every effort to ensure delivery and product quality.

The two separators are suitable for crude oil dehydration and degassing, with simple process, less investment and easy management and maintenance. In addition, the equipment adopts electric control valve, level gauge and advanced control system to achieve automatic control and remote manual monitoring. Meanwhile, the control mode can be flexibly selected according to the user's on-site needs.

The three-phase separator produced by HC is composed of shell, oil inlet pipe, oil outlet pipe, water outlet pipe, water guide pipe, mist catcher, sedimentation chamber, oil chamber and water chamber, which mainly relies on the density difference of oil, gas and water medium, and with short sedimentation period and high treatment effect. 

HC technical team is able to customize the design according to the specific parameters provided by users. As one of our sophisticated products, three-phase separator has been exported to many countries and regions at home and abroad. Moreover, HC has set up a special after-sales service department in Northern Shaanxi, China, so as to timely solve the urgent needs of users.

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