In mid-September, a water bath heater (WBH) and three-phase separator skid were ordered by domestic customer. After days of processing and production, the two equipment were successfully delivered on October 27. 

WBH is used to heat oil and gas produced in well-site for viscosity reduction. In cold oilfield areas, in order to meet the requirements of gathering and transportation process, the crude oil produced at the oil production wellhead must be heated to a certain temperature to reduce the crude oil viscosity. Therefore, WBH is often used as heat transfer equipment. 

Our WBH is composed of heater body, valve fittings, temperature and pressure measuring instruments, control system, etc., which is safe, reliable, efficient and durable. Meanwhile, the overall structure is compact and reasonable, which is convenient for on-site installation and handling. 

The three-phase separator skid is with design pressure of 9.8MPa, container size of 800 (ID) * 3650 (L), processing capacity of 500,000m3 natural gas/day and 100m3 liquid/day, and with the working environment of natural gas, oil and water. We have selected well-known brand for vortex flowmeter, orifice valve, control valve and other instruments and meters, as well as foreign advanced technology automatic control system and skid-mounted design, which is easy to operate and maintain.

We are committed to becoming the industry leader in the oilfield equipment. Our products include separator, water bath heater, heat exchanger, choke manifold, high-pressure pipeline, desander and other ground test equipment. We have rich project experience in Brazil, Indonesia, India, Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam and many other countries. Please feel free to contact any if you have any requirements.

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