Following the successful delivery of the water bath heater and two three-phase separators, another three-phase test separator is fully completed and waiting for loading and delivery. The order is from a domestic customer with a delivery date of 30 days. We successfully completed the project under heavy productions and achieved the delivery ahead of schedule. 

As an indispensable equipment in oilfield surface treatment system, oil-gas three-phase test separator has been widely promoted in various oil and gas fields. As one of our sophisticated products, the separator has been applied to crude oil treatment process. Through constant in-depth research and improvement, its performance and separation efficiency have been continuously improved.

The reason why we can complete the order in advance depends on our strict management system and the active cooperation of employees. HC strictly follows the quality policy of Customer-Oriented & Quality First to guarantee that the product supplied is brand new, advanced, complete, safe and reliable with high-quality, and the technical performance conforms to international standards. 

Our workers are skilled and experienced, and able to cope with various challenges during production. We have a wide range of business and can design and manufacture special pressure vessel equipment such as separator, water bath heater, buffer tank, surface test and well gas recovery equipment, and have all necessary certification certificates to ensure that users' needs are met. 

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