On November 16th, the 140 MPa ultra-high pressure FF-NL gas production wellhead was successfully installed and tested in DINA 2-H15 well, and the pressure test was qualified, marking the realization of localization and independent innovation of key components of UHP gas production wellhead.

The successful development of UHP gas production wellhead has promoted the technical progress of domestic high-end gas production wellhead. Compared with imported equipment, the unit price has been reduced by 3.2 million yuan and the production and operation cycle has been shortened by 24 weeks. Currently, Tarim Oilfield is accelerating the field test and application of the gas wellhead to facilitate the efficient and rapid construction of UHP gas wells.

The exploration, development and production equipment used in UHP gas wells are required to be resistant to high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the successful R&D of UHP gas wells will further promote the development of more advanced technology for individual oil service companies. 

In order to comply with the industry development, HC constantly introduces and innovates new technologies. Our high-pressure three-phase separator adopts skid-mounted design, equipped with valves and instruments of foreign well-known brands, and adopts automatic control system, which is safe and efficient in operation, easy to install and transport, fully meets the requirements of users, and has been widely used in high-pressure wellhead in China. 

As an experienced and qualified engineering and manufacturing company, HC Petroleum Equipment is dedicated to providing solutions for oil and natural gas development and production facilities. With the continuous progress of domestic gas production technology, HC will be more focused on the growth of technology so as to provide high-quality products and services for the oil and gas industry. 

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