In November, regular customer from Yan'an, Shaanxi Province signed two gas-liquid two-phase separators with us, with an agreed delivery period of 20 days. Currently, the production of the two equipment has been completed and will be delivered soon. The separator is with design pressure of 9.8MPa and liquid handling capacity of 1.3million m3, which is mainly used for natural gas wellhead and plays the role of blowout and drainage.

During gas well drainage, reducing wellhead pressure through injection can effectively improve the instantaneous velocity of gas flow, promote the change of gas flow pattern in wellbore, and improve the liquid carrying capacity of gas well. Therefore, the two-phase separator with simple gas-liquid separation function is often used for liquid drainage in gas wells that need overhaul or have liquid accumulation.

To facilitate transportation and disassembly, HC gas-liquid two-phase separator adopts skid-mounted design. The whole device is compact in structure and easy to operate, which is equipped with detachable separation and vent connecting pipelines, and plus firm and safe base that can withstand the working gravity of the equipment, and has a certain height that is convenient for the discharged liquid into the liquid storage tank.

In order to support various processes and technologies of oil and gas fields, shorten the construction preparation cycle of users and reduce the risk of wellhead operation, HC continues to conduct research, field test, analysis and calculation on product technology. So far, our business scope has covered 80% of domestic oil and gas fields and has been unanimously recognized by users. It is believed that the gas-liquid two-phase separators will also reduce costs and improve operation efficiency for users. 

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