On the morning of January 7, in the workshop of HC, rows of production equipment were running at full capacity, and the workers were all engaged in intense and orderly production.

Since its establishment, HC has become a rapidly developing enterprise in the domestic oil and gas industry through continuous technological transformation and innovation, seeking the market with quality and winning customers with integrity. The company has created high value-added star products, especially horizontal three-phase separators, which are very popular as soon as they hit the market. 

In order to catch up with orders, the factory did not stop production for a moment during the New Year holiday. Now the production before the Spring Festival is fully scheduled. To complete the production orders with quality and quantity, the company firmly adheres to each production link and makes every effort to expand the production capacity to ensure that the customer needs are completed in the first time. To this end, the company continues to strengthen internal coordination, and strive to achieve a good start in the Year of the Tiger with the goal of full production, no quality errors and zero customer complaints.

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