After days of expedited production, the three-phase separator ordered by Nigerian customer is expected to be completed before the Spring Festival. These separators are designed and manufactured to ASME standards and are equipped with all necessary gauges, piping and frames in a skid-mounted design.

Although the Spring Festival is approaching, and many suppliers are on holiday, our orders have not been delayed for a moment. The procurement department purchases in advance and all production is carried out in an orderly manner. In order to keep up with industry development and regulations, we particularly invite ASME experts to conduct online training for our technicians, so that everyone can clearly understand the latest ASME standards. We know that quality and service are the foundation of enterprise survival, so we continue to develop new products, comprehensively improve ourselves and provide quality assurance for users.

In 2021, we obtained all necessary certifications and participated in many projects domestic and abroad. In 2022, we will make greater efforts to develop towards standardization and internationalization.

HC would like to appreciate every user who chooses us. We will focus more on products and services, constantly strengthen technical force and provide users with more cost-effective oil and gas industry solutions.

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