After more than a month of intensive production, the blow tank designed and manufactured by HC for the Turkish project has been successfully delivered on January 14.

Basic parameters of blow tank:

Cylinder size: DN3200 * 5550 * 30mm

Volume: 60m³

Working pressure: P = 1200KPa

Design pressure: 1.6MPa

The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the latest ASME standards and NB registered. Although the blow tank is not our featured product, we rely on strong technical force and integrate the world's cutting-edge technical concepts to provide users with the most cost-effective technical solutions. Our technical team is willing to take on any challenges to improve technical capabilities and project experience.

The successful completion of the blow tank project has further expanded our business scope in Turkey and laid a good foundation to further open the international market. It is believed that under the company's reasonable management and standardized production system, HC will make greater contribution to the development of petrochemical industry. 

With strong technical support, HC will keep up with the development of the industry, continuously optimize product quality and performance, and bring more economic benefits to users.

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