Recently, HC received orders for several horizontal high-pressure separators, and the factory is stepping up production to make the delivery on time. 

To solve the low production of HP oil and gas wells, HC has manufactured this horizontal HP separator, which can accurately measure the production of oil, gas and water, obtain important indicators of oil and gas reservoirs, and make contribution to the exploration and development of oil and gas fields.

We have improved the structure, process performance, configuration and selection of instrument control system of HP separator. In order to adapt to harsh environments such as cold and desert, reduce expensive transportation costs and the workload of on-site installation, HC horizontal high-pressure separator adopts skid-mounted design, with light weight, small occupied area, excellent reliability and high degree of automation, which can fully meet the needs of surface testing and measurement of HP condensate in oil field.

The horizontal HP separator is mainly composed of separator body, pneumatic control valve, level controller, movable orifice flowmeter, Barton recorder, oil-water flowmeter, safety valve and other related accessories and pipelines. All the accessories we choose are from well-known brand suppliers with reliable quality and guaranteed after-sales.

As a manufacturer of oil and gas processing and treatment equipment, HC specializes in modularization, customization, design and engineering of complex systems and skid-mounted equipment, covering solutions such as surface crude oil, natural gas and produced water treatment.

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