After more than a month of production, the cyclone desander ordered by Yan'an customer has been successfully sent out.

The problem of sand production in natural gas wells is becoming increasingly serious, and the installation of desander at the natural gas wellhead can ensure the normal operation of surface equipment downstream of the wellhead. The cyclone desander used for wellhead desanding is with the features of less occupied area, convenient installation, low operation cost, easy and flexible operation, and can continuously and reliably complete the separation task.

A typical desander is mainly composed of a cyclone and a sand collecting cylinder. Since the sand storage function of the hydrocyclone, it can operate continuously in the process of sand discharge. The whole set of the equipment is safe and efficient, integrating gravel separation, collection, cleaning and discharge, which greatly reduces the maintenance and operation cost of the well site.

Combined with advanced technologies at home and abroad, the desander manufactured by HC is gradually developing towards high pressure, high efficiency, environmental protection, high stability and automation, and with up to 96% of the sand removal efficiency. HC has been devoted to the research of petroleum equipment for decades, and the cyclone desander and high-pressure dual-cylinder desander produced have been widely used in large domestic oil and gas fields. In addition, our engineering and technical team strictly follows the industry specifications and user needs in the design of equipment.

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