With a number of high-tech property rights and independent R&D teams, HC specializes in the production of metering and stimulation equipment for oil and gas fields. Creating value for customers, providing stable and reliable products and efficient services are the always pursuit of HC. 

The three-phase separator is composed of separator, oil pump, flowmeter, electric valve, etc., and has the functions of filtering, buffering, separation, metering, etc. It is also equipped with an intelligent control system, which can realize the digital management requirements such as intelligent process switching, automatic differential pressure alarm, variable frequency continuous oil transportation, interlocking automatic drainage, pump monitoring and protection, etc. We adopt integrated design, factory prefabrication and on-site installation to meet the functional requirements of stations of different sizes. 

Our strong technical engineering team provides one-to-one professional pre-sales consulting services and quick quotation. The professional after-sales team can ensure the safe operation of the equipment. We hope to deliver energy-saving, environment-friendly, efficient and reliable equipment to users as soon as possible, so as to ensure the unity of quality, speed, safety and efficiency.

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