Currently, a horizontal three-phase separator is being painted in HC's factory. Horizontal three-phase separator is one of the most commonly used equipment in oilfield development and production.

Insiders know that due to the continuous development of the oil field, with the increasing water and sulfur content of crude oil, corrosion of the separator is also increasing. From the corrosion parts of the separator body, it is mainly concentrated in the weld and vessel interior. Therefore, in order to improve the service life, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of our horizontal three-phase separator, HC attaches great attention to the followings in the manufacturing process.

On one hand, during welding, it should be focus on the compatibility between the material of the vessel body and the welding rod, and the material more resistant to corrosion than the body should be used as the welding rod. On the other hand, try to avoid damage to the internal corrosion layer when installing and disassembling the separator components.

To ensure the perfect appearance of the three-phase separator, we also purchases well-known brands of paint at home and abroad for spraying, which not only improves the anti-corrosion performance of the equipment, prolongs the service life, but also saves maintenance and repair costs, which greatly enhances economic benefits for users.

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