HC three-phase separator has always been a hot-selling product, especially in northern Shaanxi, China, and its market coverage in Shaanxi oil and gas fields has reached 80% ~ 90%.

Recently, another regular customer signed an order agreement with HC. Our three-phase separator integrates control system, valves, instruments and meters, with compact overall structure that is easy to install and transport. This unit can simultaneously complete the separation and measurement of wellhead fluids. The equipped control system can automatically control and alarm the working status of parameters such as working temperature, pressure, and liquid level. It also has perfect data processing, flow calculation, report generation and other functions.

According to customer feedback, the equipment is with excellent operation, as well as the stable performance and high degree of separation and automation, which can greatly save operating costs and improve overall revenue. In addition, a special after-sales service base in Northern Shaanxi to provide 24 hours after-sales service and an equipment exhibition area have been set up at the base to facilitate customers to visit on-site and discuss cooperation.

HC not only provides standardized products, but also customized services based on user feedback. Since the specific conditions of each well are different, so the technical team needs to come up with a design solution based on the actual parameters provided by the customer. 

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