Recently, HC received a project order of 10 water bath heaters. Before signing the order, our business manager and technicians had a great number of discussions with the customer, and the drawings and technical solutions were also changed repeatedly. In the end, our business capability and technical strength were recognized by the customer, and the order was successfully signed.

Water bath heater is an important equipment for heating crude oil and natural gas to the temperature required by the process for transportation, sedimentation, separation, dehydration and primary processing in the process of oil and gas gathering and transportation system. It is a special heating equipment designed to meet the special needs of oil fields. HC water bath heater is equipped with valves, instruments, pipes, etc., which are installed in an integrated skid, and with the compact and reasonable overall structure, which is convenient for on-site installation and handling. 

The technical team composed of industry experts with years of practical experience is a significant force for the rapid development of HC. We are able to provide customers with one-to-one design solutions according to their working environment and requirements. In addition, our 24-hour after-sales service ensures fast and efficient product service for users.

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