On September 2, technicians in HC production workshop were busy making overseas orders for three-phase separator and water bath heater. 

In order to achieve the established goal and deliver each order on time, we have increased production capacity and added value of products by continuously increasing the number of production equipment and workers, as well as adjusting work plans and improving processes. In order to respond to a growing number of inquiries from Marketing Department, we have recruited experienced technical engineers, and constantly expanded our technical team to tap more needs of users. 

In order not to delay the construction period, we have reserved a full list of high-quality suppliers in terms of raw materials and accessories. If customers have special needs, we will also communicate with the supplier about the fastest delivery time to ensure that the equipment will be delivered in the shortest period. In addition, we implement a 24-hour production shift system in the operation shifts.

At present, while doing a good job in regular epidemic prevention and control, HC is actively seizing the favorable opportunities in the market and making every effort to accelerate its production.

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