Under the indefinite epidemic, to guarantee the on-schedule production of orders, 2 units of three-phase natural gas separators were successfully shipped after nearly a week's efforts of all HC workers.

Natural gas three-phase separator is an integrated equipment, which including water bath heater, separator, burner and data acquisition control system, etc. The separator is operated by four side-split doors, which can be hoisted and transported as a whole. Meanwhile, it can complete the heating, throttling and decompression of the natural gas fluid from the wellhead and separate the gas from the liquid. Besides, the overall equipment is with compact structure, easy connection and simple installation, as well as safe and reliable performance, which can also be used normally in harsh environments.

The working performance of our equipment fully meets the user's requirements, and the design follows the standards below:

1.Daily natural gas processing capacity: 30*104Nm³/d

2.Maximum daily liquid processing capacity: 50m³/d

3.Rated upstream heating coil pressure of WBH: 35.0MPa

4.Rated downstream heating coil pressure of WBH: 25.0MPa

5.Tripping constant pressure of separator high-pressure safety valve: 25MPa

6.Tripping constant pressure of low pressure safety valve of the purifier: 1.2MPa

Natural gas three-phase separator is a dedicated equipment for the wellhead of natural gas wells. The selection of basic parameters, treatment indicators, process calculation, material selection and equipment specifications are all performed based on the special equipment for petroleum. HC strictly implements national, industrial and relevant international codes, regulations and standards, takes "reliable, advanced and economical" as the overall design guiding philosophy, adopts advanced technology, so as to achieve low investment, high efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental-friendly equipment for customers in a real sense.

Our equipment has a variety of specifications to choose from, and users can customize as needed, please feel free to contact us.

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