Three-phase separator and choke manifold ordered by Thai customers have been fully completed and can be delivered after packaging.

According to the customer's requirements, the three-phase separator is designed according to ASME VIII Div.1, and equipped with ball valve, check valve, regulating valve, safety valve, flowmeter, level gauge, controller, level switch and other valve instruments. Choke manifold includes throttle valve, pneumatic ball valve, check valve and other accessories, and is equipped with DNV structure skid frame.

The vertical three-phase separator is small in volume, with less occupied area and is convenient for consignment. The three-phase separator produced of HC has good separation effect, with fast startup and no flow interruption. Choke manifold has strong corrosion resistance and safety, and its production and manufacturing fully comply with industrial specifications and international standards.

As a professional manufacturer of exploration, development and oilfield surface facilities construction in the oil and gas industry, HC has a powerful design and manufacturing team and a high-quality inspection team, which can independently research, develop, design and produce surface testing equipment for onshore and offshore platforms. It is hoped that this order can further improve HC's market share in Thailand and promote users' recognition and trust of Chinese enterprises.

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