As the temperature plummeted, domestic customers began to order a large number of WBH. This equipment is mainly used to heat crude oil or natural gas to the temperature required during the process of oil and gas gathering and transportation system, so as to facilitate transportation, sedimentation, separation, dehydration and initial processing.

In order to deliver the goods as soon as possible, our factory is stepping up the production. The WBH produced by HC can not only effectively heat crude oil, reduce viscosity and increase fluidity, but also to deal with associated gas by direct combustion, which fully meets the requirements of the national green environmental protection policy.

We use the self-developed control system, and have skid-mounted the WBH body, burner system, chimney and accessories, fuel pressure regulating system, heated medium pressure regulating control valve, temperature and pressure measuring device, sampling port, safety valve, operation platform ladder, pipeline system valve instrument and automatic control system into a whole, which is convenient for on-site installation, operation and maintenance. When the heating furnace works abnormal, the control system can automatically cut off the fuel gas source to protect the safety of the furnace. The top of the main WBH body is equipped with a vent pipe which is connected with the atmosphere, so that the heater can operate under normal pressure under any circumstances, ensuring the safety of the furnace body.

HC has all the necessary certifications, and is capable of providing equipment conforming to national standards or ASME standards according to user’s requirements. At the same time, our technical team is also able to provide one-to-one customized services according to the actual needs of users, as well as to guarantee competitive prices and short delivery time.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We will provide you with the best proposal with professional knowledge. 

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