Recently, a vehicle-mounted two-phase integrated oil-water separator is about to be shipped from HC plant. The design concept of the equipment is to reduce the investment in oil & gas field surface engineering and simplify the domestic oil & gas field surface construction process. In the near future, the stationary separation and metering facilities will surely be replaced by mobile single-well metering and separation facilities.

The vehicle-mounted integrated oil-water separator adopts intelligent control mode, with high degree of automation, as well as safe and reliable operation. Currently, the equipment is widely used in gas fields for two-phase separation and automatic discharge of wellhead liquid natural gas. HC adopts two-phase metering, in which gas phase is with continuous metering, and the liquid phase is with intermittent metering, and the metering accuracy is controlled within 1% ~ 3%.

So far, the two-phase integrated oil-water separator of HC has been widely used in Shaanxi, China. HC will continue to optimize new design ideas, and strive to reduce resource waste and production management costs for users, so as to achieve efficient development and utilization of oil & gas fields.

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