Oil, gas and water separation and treatment process is the core part of oilfield gathering and transportation treatment engineering. In this process, the main function of the oil-gas-water three-phase separator is to carry out initial treatment of the oil-gas-water mixture collected by the oil well, such as gas-liquid separation, oil-water precipitation, crude oil dehydration, natural gas purification, etc.

HC has conducted in-depth research on the dehydration process of various produced fluids, and basically formed the process technology that adapts to the characteristics of various produced fluids in the oilfield, and meets the requirements of crude oil dehydration. These technologies take three-phase separator as the main separation equipment. According to different oil properties and site requirements, HC is capable of designing three-phase separators with different internal structures to achieve product seriation.

Oilfield product treatment is an important part of oilfield production. Only by optimizing the oil-gas-water three-phase separation technology and treatment efficiency can the economic benefits of oilfield production be enhanced. Based on the natural sedimentation separation method, the three-phase separation process of oil, gas and water realizes gravity sedimentation separation by the density difference between the two phases. In order to improve the efficiency of separation and treatment, heating and precipitation separation were implemented, thus an integrated heating and separation device has been derived.

In recent years, HC has continuously updated the structure of oil-gas-water three-phase separator to meet the requirements of oilfield product treatment. It is undeniable that only by improving the oil and gas gathering and transportation efficiency of the oilfield and reducing the production cost of the oilfield can we obtain the best oil and gas production capacity for users. Therefore, HC ensures that every piece of equipment produced has excellent processing technology, so that customers can get the best economic benefits with the least investment.

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