The order for 3-phase separator has just placed to the workshop, and here comes again the order for vehicle-mounted 2-phase separator. Apparently, the situation is gratifying within HC business department.

The 2023 Oil and Gas Work Symposium in Shaanxi Province, China, pointed out that the strategic deployment of stabilizing oil and increasing gas shall be implemented, and the production of ten upstream oil and gas enterprises shall be fully deployed to ensure the stability of oil production and the continuous growth of natural gas production. Meanwhile, the requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government on the Year of Quality Project Promotion were carefully implemented, and 39.3 billion RMB was scheduled to be invested in the construction of oil and gas production capacity, pipeline network, reserves, chemical industry and etc.

Last November, PetroChina Jidong Oilfield completed Shenmu No. 3 Natural Gas Processing Plant and 52 gas testing wells. According to the deployment requirements of stable production of old wells, increasing the production of new wells as well as accelerating the production of new blocks, three-phase/two-phase separators and separation & pressurization equipment are in high demand in Shaanxi oil and gas field. Therefore, HC has been continuously receiving customer inquiries since the beginning of the year.

HC vehicle-mounted two-phase separator is with a design pressure of 9.8MPa and design temperature of 80℃, which can be used in oil fields and natural gas wells. The complete set of equipment, including electrical control box, instrument control box, base, support on base, two-phase separator on support, valve and instrument, is with overall compact structure, high operation efficiency, small occupied area, short construction period and flexible operation, which is conducive to refined management of oilfield production.


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