The atmospheric gauge tank designed and manufactured by HC for the Russian project has been fully completed, and is ready for shipment after conducting various tests.

The atmospheric gauge tank is an atmospheric dual-chamber rectangular tank. The inlet and outlet of the dual-chamber are equipped with bypass manifolds, and along with level gauge, thermometer, breathing valve, manual valve group and a complete manifold system, which is compact in structure and easy to operate. Besides, there is a flame arrester on the top of the metering tank, as well as an overflow pipe at the outlet of the flame arrester, which can be connected to outside of the safety zone.


Technical parameters:

Capacity: 100 barrels (2×50 barrels)

Service: Standard dual-chamber   

Pressure: atmospheric

 Temp.: 32 ~ 212°F

Inlet / Outlet Connections: 3” Fig.602 Union

Drain: 1.5” Fig.602 Union

Includes level gauge.

Temperature gauge

Breathing valve

Sample ports

Sets of manual valves

Hammer unions


Construction material: CS as per ASME

Code & Standards: ANSI B31.3


In addition, the atmospheric gauge tank is with skid-mounted as per customer's requirements, and the inlet and outlet of all manifolds are connected by unions for easy assembly and disassembly.

In the oil and gas field, the metering tank, separator, heater, nozzle manifold and desander jointly constitute the surface test system of oil and gas well.

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