On March 24th, the 2,000,000m3 three-phase separator produced by HC has been successfully sent out. The equipment adopted advanced technology and manufacturing process, which can effectively separate substances in different phase state such as oil, water, and gas, greatly reducing operating costs and improving profits for customer.

HC has developed strict production plan to ensure timely delivery. Firstly, to continuously strengthen internal production management and improve production efficiency; Secondly, to take timely and effective measures to guarantee the timely supply of raw materials and product quality; Finally, to keep close contact with customers at all times to solve problems during the production process in a timely manner to ensure customer satisfaction.

HC three-phase separator has the following advantages:

1. With easy operation: Skid-mounted design, compact structure, easy operation, and low maintenance cost.

2. With wide application: Suitable for all types of oil fields, including conventional oil fields, marginal oil fields, and emerging oil fields.

3. With environmental protection and energy saving: Effectively recover wastewater and waste gas, reduce environmental pollution, and save energy.

4. With significant economic benefits: Effectively improve oil recovery, reduce production costs, and increase economic benefits.

HC has been committed to developing innovative oil and gas field surface testing equipment, constantly updating product technology, and making positive contributions to the development of the petrochemical industry. In the future, adhering the concept of Technology Driven & Quality Oriented, HC will continue to provide customers with more quality and reliable products and services.

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