On March 28th, a customer from Yan'an, China signed a supply agreement with HC for a water bath heater, an efficient and energy-saving heating equipment, which is suitable for various industrial applications.

As a professional enterprise engaged in petrochemical production, the customer has high requirements on the reliability, stability and safety of the equipment. Adhering to the concept of customer-oriented & technology-driven, HC continuously introduces quality products and services to create greater value for customers. The cooperation with Yan'an customer also fully proves that HC's technical strength and product quality in the petrochemical industry have been highly recognized.


What the customer needs is an efficient and reliable heating equipment that is able to improve the efficiency of exploration and production operations. Our oilfield WBH not only meets this requirement, but also with the features of energy-saving and environmental protection, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.


HC WBH adopts advanced technology and materials, with a long service life and low maintenance cost, and can operate stably in various complex working environment. We are confident that this unit will bring significant economic and social benefits to our customers. We will continue to provide customers with quality products and services, so as to help them achieve better performance and development.

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