With the rapid development of China's economy and technology, more and more overseas users choose to purchase equipment in China. Why are Chinese products, once called “Cheapest is the dearest”, more and more popular with foreign customers? Perhaps you will find the best answer on Quora.

There is an opinion poll on Quora: Do you like Chinese products? The following responses are very consistent: Why not like it? Many of the products people use today are made in China.

Among them, a foreign student said: I came to China to buy a notebook, the price is not expensive and there has never been a problem.

Therefore, it can be seen that “made in China” is gradually recognized and has long been away from the saying that “Cheapest is the dearest”. This is why HC Petroleum Equipment has opened up its foreign market.

As a well testing equipment manufacturer with 15 years of export experience, HC Petroleum Equipment has accumulated a large number of users in Southeast Asia, South Africa, the Middle East and other regions. HC facilities of surface well testing, offshore well testing, early production, gas field processing, natural gas processing, loading and storage equipment have been well received by users.

In China, we have our own factories and a complete material supplier system that can guarantee the quality while enjoying the preferential price. As the company's most popular product, oilfield well test separator fully complies with international standards in manufacturing, and all materials meet the quality standards of the United States, Europe, South Korea and Russia, such as CE / PED,ASME,API,GOST, etc. More and more foreign customers choose to cooperate with us because we choose materials with higher quality and favorable price for well testing facilities.

In the labor-intensive China, only by being extremely active in innovative thinking and good at learning can make our products continuously improve in technology. We will continue to develop and create according to market demand, so that the synonym of “made in China” is no longer “cheap”, but high quality with low price.

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