Recently, we received an inquiry from a regular customer. During the communication, the customer said that they had ordered our water bath heater before and praised the water bath heater for its durability, good quality and high heat transfer efficiency. Therefore, they plan to place another order due to their business development and the details are under discussion.

In order to better understand the needs of customer and reduce the cost for them, our project manager and engineers will go to the their oil and gas fields for on-site investigation and develop the most reasonable scheme design.

In response to the call of national energy conservation and environmental protection policy, water bath heater has become an indispensable heating equipment in the oil and gas industry, which is mainly used to heat and reduce viscosity of oil and gas produced by oil wells, so as to achieve the purpose of safe production. 

Our water bath heater can be used for heating different medium, which effectively saves the investment cost for customer, and it adopts skid-mounted design to facilitate transportation and on-site installation. Our engineers will design and manufacture according to customer’s working conditions and provide customized services for special needs.

We firmly believe that our technology and service will make customers more satisfied through this negotiation. Please contact us for the latest inventory and quotation if you have any demand.

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