The traditional metering methods in Chinese oilfields are vertical separators with glass tube / magnetic flip level metering, two-phase separation metering, weighing oil well metering and indicator diagram metering.

Initially, these metering methods can satisfy the measurement requirements of oilfield. However, with the exploration and development of oilfields entering into the middle and later stage, the well production is decreasing year by year, about 30% of wells can only be transported by multiple oil wells due to the low liquid production, low water cut and low temperature. For the mixed series wells, the existing metering method can only be used to measure the total liquid volume of the series wells but not the single well. To measure the liquid volume of a single well, stopping the well is needed, but it will seriously affect the production and operation.

In addition, the low-gas well has a small gas volume and cannot be operated on the pressure level. Therefore, it is impossible to measure the oil if all the wells in metering station are with low-gas. The traditional measurement method cannot achieve the production measurement of series wells and low-gas wells, which affects the accurate control of oil wells production.

In 2004, as a manufacturer of oilfield service industry, HC Petroleum Equipment manufactured a mobile oilfield three-phase test separator after continuous research, development and design. The oil well liquid is separated into a liquid-free gas through the three-phase separator. The oil with water content less than 30% and the water with oil content less than 0.1% are measured by vortex flowmeter, mass flowmeter and electromagnetic flowmeter respectively, which solves the production measurement problems for high water content well, low liquid production well, series well, low gas content well and intermittent well. At the same time, the calibration and error correction of the metering device in use in the oilfield can also be carried out to improve the accuracy of the existing metering device.

We can not only provide a complete set of metering devices, but also supply individual equipment and accessories such as three-phase separator, water jacket furnace, heat exchanger, choke manifold, buffer tank, etc. according to user's requirement. We have rich export experience and perfect after-sales service, our equipment are in line with international manufacturing standards. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the quotation.

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