The chemical injection skid produced by HC Petroleum Equipment is advanced in manufacturing and anti-corrosion measures. It has excellent corrosion resistance, which is suitable for conveying various corrosive medium such as acid, alkali and salt. We are able to make reasonable material selection according to user's operating conditions. The materials and supporting parts for chemical injection skid are all purchased and manufactured as per API, ASME and other international standards.

Our chemical injection skid is suitable for the wellhead of various pressure rating, equipped with international famous brands of high-precision metering pump, storage tank, control cabinet, piping, valve, level gauge, pressure gauge, thermometer, buffer, filter, flow calibrator, agitator, all-weather  flame arrester, electric heat insulation, automatic monitoring protector, etc.. These parts are all mounted on a common base, the so-called skid, on which multiple medium can be delivered simultaneously and adjusted separately.

We can supply chemical injection skid with flow from 1L/h to 1000L/h and pressure from 0.5MPa to 20MPa. Our chemical injection skid is advanced in technology with the advantages of compact structure, simple installation, long service life, easy maintenance, and injection accuracy of up to ± 1%.

Chemical injection skid is an important device for oil and gas wellhead chemical injection. Please do not hesitate to contact us for the latest quotation.

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