Well testing is a special test performed on wells to determine the production capacity of the wells and to study reservoir parameters and reservoir dynamics. These data are very important to prospectors in their subsequent work. Well testing requires the use of test separators, instrumentation valves and other accessories to measure pressure, oil production, relative changes in natural gas production and water content, as well as the temperature of some production and injection wells on a regular basis.

Well testing requires a complete system. The test separator shall be equipped with high-precision instruments, control and globe valves, pipelines, skid and other accessories to successfully complete the well testing. In order to make the well testing more efficient, HC Petroleum Equipment has designed and manufactured 3-phase test separator, which is small in size, light in weight, simple in operation, safe and reliable, and can meet all the needs of customers.

Our 3-phase test separator adopts pressure controller, level controller and pneumatic control valve to achieve automatic control of pressure and level of the metering separator, which can eliminate the influence of human factors on gas-liquid separation effect of the separator during well testing. Our test separator uses advanced orifice flowmeter to measure natural gas and turbine flowmeter to measure produced oil and water, which can make the test data more accurate and provide the most favorable decision-making basis for prospectors.

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