Since its establishment, HC Petroleum Equipment has been serving the oil and gas industry, providing users with a series of products such as separators, heat exchangers, storage tanks, towers, water jacket furnaces, filters, wellhead control equipment, etc.

We attach great importance to each procedure. The Products undergo rigorous testing at the factory. All equipment and components are designed and manufactured according to international standards.

Up to now, HC test separator, buffer tank, water treatment system, water jacket furnace, heat exchanger and other products have been widely used in Myanmar, Egypt, India, Qatar, Nigeria and other regions, and have been well received by users.

We not only value product quality but also guarantee the perfect pre-sales and after-sales service. We have a professional and experienced technical team that can meet any customer requirements. Our after-sales service personnel are strictly trained, and the testing, assembly and shipment of equipment are performed by professionals. 

If there is any need, we will send technicians to the site to guide the installation and commissioning of the equipment, and conduct personnel training to provide full support for the safe operation for users.

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