2019 / 12 / 09
GB separator for Egypt

The GB separator ordered by Egyptian customer was successfully delivered on December 6. Although the factory has a heavy production task at present, in order to guarantee an early delivery, our workers work around the clock while ensuring the quality. 

Although the construction period only took  three months, each process has been strictly checked and the equipment has been tested many times before leaving the factory.

The GB separator supplied by us has a liquid protective sleeve design and is composed of multiple sets of high-precision instruments, durable valves and flow control equipment, which can meet various needs of user.

Although the generally accepted manufacturing standard of pressure vessel is ASME, the Chinese pressure vessel standard system corresponds to the foreign standards in most fields, and its technical content has reached the international advanced level in general, and the function is not inferior in any respect. This order of GB separator fully proves the trust from customer in the manufacturing capacity of HC Petroleum Equipment.

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