A great deal of wastewater is generated during the process of oilfield exploitation (especially in the large-scale one). The water content of produced fluid is relatively high. Oilfield wastewater is a complex liquid mixture, which mainly consists of water, crude oil, soluble gas, solid suspension, electrolyte, bacteria and various oilfield chemical additives. The direct discharging of these substances will not only cause serious damage to the environment, polluting surface water and farmland, but also lead to the death of plants and animals as well as potential human diseases, and will also cause severe harm to the lives of local individuals.

Therefore, it is necessary to separate the crude oil, suspended impurities and harmful chemical ions from the wastewater generated in the process of crude oil exploitation before it is injected back into the formation, so as to prevent pollution and damage to the geological structure and surface environment.

The most commonly used method of oilfield wastewater treatment is gravity separation, and the most commonly used equipment is the oil/water separator. In recent years, the oil/water separator has been paid increasingly high attention because of its simple structure, less occupied area, flexibility and high separation efficiency.

The oil/water separator produced by HC Petroleum Equipment adopts the advanced technology of effective separation, choking, automatic control, comprehensive anti-corrosion and anti-slip installation, which has been widely used in Russia, Myanmar, Egypt, India, Qatar, Nigeria and other regions.

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