Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital was built with in just 10 days to fight against the epidemic.

Facing all the tight schedule and challenging tasks, it is a must-won battle with time to fight against the coronavirus. Construction workers are devoting themselves on-site to the competition with the Death. They calculate the time of each working procedure accurately in hours and sweating through “24/7” to the project with the shared common belief of “completed A.S.A.P. to conquer the epidemic”.

Construction started on January 23rd and hundreds of excavators arrived at the site on the 24th; it was officially commenced on the 25th and with the first model room completed on the 26th. On the 27th, site leveling, gravel and sand backfilling were completed, and the first batch of paneled container houses were hoisted and built. On the 28th, the steel structure of the double-decker ward began to take shape. On February 1st, the installation of medical supporting equipment was fully launched, and the delivery was completed on the 2nd. In this battlefield with no gun-smoke, workers have made full use of every minute within these 10 days and nights. Ultimately, Huoshenshan Hospital rose straight from the ground as the booming noise on the filed. This amazing progress represented the innovation of Chinese construction technology, extensive anti-epidemic experience, and the indestructible strength of the nation.

More than 4,000 vehicles from all over the country are busy in and out of the construction site, more than 3,000 builders from all corners of the land gather at the Zhiyin Lake, Wuhan, all sectors of society have donated building materials products, office chairs, ambulances and etc. The establishment of the Huoshenshan Hospital highlights the iron will of the whole nation to battle with the epidemic.

The miracle created by makeshift hospital brings confidence and hope to the people of all ethnic groups. We firmly believe that the flowers will blossom eventually after the storm just as the devil will be overcome and China will stand on the world stage with a stronger posture in no time.

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