The quality of natural gas and crude oil as well as the efficiency of gathering and transportation are all affected by the operation status of three-phase separator. In order to improve the operation quality of the equipment, the following issues should be noted:

1.Regularly check whether the regulating mechanism and level control component of the three-phase separator are in a sensitive and reliable state. They shall be replaced in time once they lose their sensitivity,  so as to affect the stability of the separated level.

2.In order to prevent pipeline blockage, oil leakage and gas in the oil, it is necessary to ensure that the liquid level is between 1/3 - 2/3 of the level gauge. 

3.During the operation of the three-phase separator, the separation pressure shall be effectively controlled based on the mixture state to avoid the mixing of natural gas with crude oil due to the low pressure, or the crude oil carrying gas due to the excessive pressure. 

4.Effectively control the temperature of the mixture entering the separation equipment, so as to avoid the pipeline condensation due to the low temperature of the oil. In general, only when the temperature of incoming oil is greater than 5℃ or above than that of crude oil during condensation can the pipeline condensation be effectively avoided. 

5.If it is necessary to separate oil/gas in winter, the function of insulation and anti-freezing of pipeline, level gauge, pressure gauge and safety valve shall be performed well.

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