Recently, the Tunisian customer ordered 10000psi 5-valve choke manifold from us. At present, it has completed production and is ready for packaging and shipment.

Choke manifold is an important device for oil and gas wells to control overflow and blowout and maintain the pressure balance of drilling platform. It is used to control casing pressure, maintain well pressure balance and protect the wellhead through pressure relief and blowout. Our design and manufacture not only in accordance with the requirements of customer and API standards but also fully in line with the industry specifications. Our choke manifold is safe, reliable, durable and corrosion-resistant. Additionally, in order to ensure its quality, we carried out various tests before delivery. 

Since it is the first time for both parties to cooperate, the customer inevitably has doubts about the delivery conditions. With professional knowledge and rich experience, our sales and technical team finally reach a cooperation agreement with the customer. HC really appreciate for their trust and support. We will provide customers with the best product quality and service, and look forward to more opportunities for cooperation.

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