After ordering 10000psi 5-Valve choke manifold, Tunisian customers were very satisfied with our products and services and once again signed a supply agreement with us for check valves and swivel joints. At present, the delivery conditions and relevant details have been confirmed, and our factory is in the process of production.

The check valve belongs to a type of automatic valve. Its main function is to prevent the medium backflow, prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, as well as the release of the container medium. The check valve of HC has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, reliable sealing, excellent wear resistance and high temperature resistance with a long service life, which is especially suitable for pipelines under various working conditions such as petroleum and chemical industry. In the meanwhile, it meets API standards in design and manufacture, and has passed necessary tests.

The swivel joint is designed and manufactured with high-strength alloy steel and is suitable for handling some of the world's most abrasive environments, such as fracturing, cementing, acidizing and other high-pressure applications.

When there is a very important occasion of use or a complicated operating environment, please provide us the detailed parameters as much as possible. Our technical engineer will offer you with the most reasonable design and clear drawings. HC Petroleum Equipment not only supplies the complete set of oil and gas field surface testing and metering equipment, such as three-phase separator, two-phase separator, steam heat exchanger, water jacket furnace, etc., but also provide high-quality valves, instruments, joints and other accessories according to user's needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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