HC Petroleum Equipment designs and supplies H2S scavengers for hydrogen sulfide removal. Our integrated skid-mounted system are easy to transport and installation. Our solid H2S scavengers with enhances chemical compound lowers H2S amount in natural gas below 1 ppm. Hydrogen sulfide removal adsorbents are solid, non-hazardous and easy to transport. 

HC designs and fabricates small-, mid- and large-sized gas sweetening units capable of handling 300000 Nm3/day and more. Our impregnated chips with iron oxide can work under pressure up to 100 bar. Price and configuration of H2S scavengers and fixed-bed adsorption unit depends on the gas flow rate, operating pressure, concentration of H2S in natural gas, level of automation and monitoring, as well as other factors. Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for gas sweetening units by iron sponge process, we ensure quality and process performance, cost-effectiveness of our solution, fast delivery and immediate after-sales services. 

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