In order to complete the early delivery of the WBH, HC factory did not stop production during the Tomb Sweeping holiday, and the workers were working day and night.

More than 30 people working overtime in the factory, and the production and assembly of the WBH are carried out in an orderly manner, so as to provide a reliable guarantee for the timely delivery with quality and quantity. Since there are more orders for WBH and three-phase separator this year, our production department recruited a large number of experienced employees and contracting teams and purchased new processing equipment to ensure the fast delivery.

To control the quality, our QC team voluntarily gave up their holiday and stationed in the workshop to inspect each process. We conduct multiple tests before the equipment leaves the factory to ensure that the products delivered to customers are safe, reliable, efficient and stable. 

Our WBH has a variety of specifications and can be designed according to the actual working conditions of users. Our technical team is experienced and capable of coping with various challenges. To achieve mass delivery, we purchase manufacturing materials and accessories in large quantities in advance. Although the price of steel has been rising, the overall price of the equipment has remained unchanged. HC is committed to providing customers with quality products and services at the most competitive prices.

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