Oil/gas should be separated during the process of oil/gas gathering and transportation,  which makes it necessary to use oil/gas separation equipment reasonably in order to improve the efficiency of separation. There are various types of oil/gas separation equipment, including horizontal and vertical. No matter which one is chosen, users should follow the current status of oil/gas separation. Moreover, the staff needs to use the formula of calculation and production rationally so as to realize oil/gas separation.

For improving the separation efficiency and achieving the purpose of oil/gas gathering and transportation, three aspects should be well controlled: 

1.Using the drain valve reasonably when controlling the water/oil interface

2.Analyzing the quality of crude oil when controlling the height of oil/gas

3.Controlling the oil level and water level

In a word, the selection of a reasonable oil/gas separation equipment is only the first step to achieve oil/gas separation. The staff should also be able to analyze the composition of the equipment in-depth and follow the function and role of each position for conducting scientific oil/gas separation, so as to effectively improve the quality of oil/gas separation.

Generally, the main problem in the application of oil/gas separation equipment to oil/gas gathering and transportation is that the separator fails to work normally. The main reasons are as follows:

1.Clogging condensation in pipelines due to external temperature changes.

2.Low fluidity and partial freezing of the separator due to lacking of a good thermal insulation system of the separator.

Therefore, the staff needs to supervise and manage the above situation in time so as to raise the oil/gas separation efficiency. 

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