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Iron sponge (Solid H2S Scavenger) is a special granular sold which is widely used in gas sweetening where iron sponge process is applied. Iron sponge process employs iron oxide which reacts with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) forming iron sulfide and water. Iron oxide is impregnated on special chips, which contain other chemical additives to increase efficiency of solid bed scavengers. Iron sponge is a very efficient adsorbents widely used in gas treatment processes.

Iron sponge is widely used as gas desulfurization agent for many applications, such as oilfield natural gas treatment, coke oven gas treatment, environment protection systems, textile industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc. However, the most challenging application is oilfield natural gas treatment. Being technologically strong and experienced oilfield equipment supplied, HC Petroleum Equipment mainly focuses on oilfield natural gas sweetening by iron sponge process. Challenges rises where high pressure; high flowrate and high H2S amount is present in natural gas stream. For this reason, HC’s natural gas desulfurizers are exceptionally produced, selected, and tested to ensure process performance, lowering H2S amount to pipeline’s acceptance standard. Our iron sponges withstand high pressure and effective in H2S removal.


Solid H2S Scavengers are the essential component of gas sweetening system by iron sponge process. Adsorbents shall be carefully chosen based on the field operating conditions, natural gas compound and properties, sizing requirements, project budget limits, delivery period and operation philosophy.

HC Petroleum Equipment is high-end solid bed scavenger supplier, which supplies iron sponge as well as complete professionally designed gas sweetening system. Iron sponge is contained in the specialized vertical vessels (process column), which have properly arranged internals to keep sponge bed at required level. Ceramic ball may be placed on the bottom and at the top of the sponge bed to hold sponge bend and prevent their escape from towers during gas sweetening. 


Feel free to contact HC Petroleum Equipment for more technical information and price of solid H2S scavengers. We ensure quality performance, fast delivery, and immediate after-sales service. 


· Supplied in solid, granular form

· Very efficient in stripping H2S from gas

· Cost-effective

· East for transport and storage

· 25 kg or 800 kg bags

· Compound customization 

Process Flow Chart:


Models and Parameters 



HC Petroleum Equipment can customize adsorbents based on the process data of the project. Please contact HC for technical assistance and quotation. 

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